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" [db:标签TAG]alent of faithful dog crazy love " song Xiaobai / , this chapter in all 3343 words, update at: 2016-08-29 12:00

Chang Ming has done psychology to prepare, when go to work oneself the Wang Jin there is absent, the Bei cool scene that Su Su also is absent, however he hits card to cherish heavy mood to go by, saw the Su Su that arrives earlier than him.

"Not bad last night? " he does not have expect, did not take milk to her.

Su Su carries from computer build, "He just works off line having a place, brain is normal still. Brain is normal still..

Chang Ming does not think so, laughed to answer a seat, transient Wang Jin is empty on the side when, still be some recall with emotion. He still gets early half an year than Wang Jin, she compares his foregone actually. Say if it were not for to be mixed later Su Su be on speaking terms, he also is not done probably now.

There is streak to make Yun Fei do not have incur Su Su after that day, she still is thinking him is to go back thought over, it is bit normaller to perhaps be met next time, take the thing to her.

Like this passed to have a week much, make Yun Fei go up again their company came, mix this that is different still last year, he is worn so that business suit change walks on, look appearance of person model dog. And the person that welcomes him also is client manager no longer, however that their company all ages does not come of bout deputy always.

Su Su was frightened at that time jump, chang Ming more did not carry, look this decline is not the bagatelle that what advisory advertisement puts in.

When they came out that day, deputy still always took Xu Yunfei to see a company, go to them here when, the mouth asked Xu Yunfei sentence.

"If I have the thing of some of company business to want to seek advice, look for employee to ask in the company casually, convenient? Convenient??

Deputy always thought, "The person not likely below understands company strategy, if be the thing above detail, you are optional. You are optional..

"Thank, hope organic assemble is made. " Xu Yunfei stretchs his hand and the other side held a hand, "Possible I take the word again casually, understanding seeking a person leaves a case, you oneself go busy. You oneself go busy..

Deputy total adult is decisive say good-bye, did not follow Xu Yunfei polite formula again.

The position of apropos Wang Jin still does not have new personality to come, xu Yunfei sat down, slip chair arrived on the side of Susu.

"Very busy? "Very busy??

Su Su turns build, "What be this to do? "What be this to do??

Xu Yunfei pleases ground laugh, "With last same. " his purpose is not close to her namely, he goes to a company, she always unapt return turn a南京梧桐龙凤论坛 blind eye to, this also is last he yields Changming pass on a message, su Su left the matter of the class.

Collect of Chang Mingqi body in the past, "You still have idea quite really, with respect to your this perseverance, how many girl was overtaken by you. How many girl was overtaken by you..

"Is this differ had been not overtaken? " Xu Yunfei follows his call sentence.

"Do you still have making investment? " although the purpose is same, but the reason that he comes to their company is not for certain last that.

Xu Yunfei shoot a glance at Chang Ming, reckon this person also minds did not blame, "Not be my money anyway, had a deficit not to feel distressed. Had a deficit not to feel distresse南京紫峰一号女的出台多少钱d..

Su Su takes the introductory book of the company toward the desk, "Want to ask what, say. Say..

"Do you feel this company has an outlook, is the meeting that throw money deficient? You said I am believed. " buoyant asks Xu Yunfei her.

Su Suyi abdomen is angry, she had known the money that who is, xu Yunfei this manner is the individual is enraged, "I do not know, this is your job, yourself decision. Yourself decision..

"Also be, I want understanding of floriferous dot time to fall, do you feel? " Xu Yunfei still shows pleasant smiles.

Su Sufang was abandoned, after giving him book, the line of sight returned computer to go up, "Then you understand, do not hamper I work. Do not hamper I work..

"I want to look for you to understand. "I want to look for you to understand..

See Xu Yunfei begin to look for trouble again, chang Ming goes back do oneself, now and then look up glance, feel how Su Sudou didn't respond him, but estimation is fast also by irritated dead.

It is nevertheless before Su Sufa fire, xu Yunfei sits answered Wang Jin's former position, the introduction that saw their company book.

The Xu Yunfei after looking goes out again outside went a little while child, when farewell comes came off work quickly, he is maintaining a head to staring at Su Su look by a little while.

"Su Su, came off work. " to Xu Yunfei began again after the dot.

Su Su did not look up, answered him, "You a moment ago delayed me for ages, I work to had not finished. I work to had not finished..

Line of Xu Yunfei lip issues a turn to nod slightly, "Then I wait for you a little while. "Then I wait for you a little while..

"Foregone, you also go earlier, always do not work overtime. " Chang Ming was fastened with Su Sudao, he can not want to refer the matter that closes them again.

Final Su Su also did not have dinner with him, the place took casually in inn on the way home on foot, xu Yunfei also tries the flavour of the inn near her home, the feeling still goes.

To downstair hind Su Su warned him, "Catch up with again come I should put a dog bite you. "Catch up with again come I should put a dog bite you..

"Bark. " Xu Yunfei learned, amuse Su Su so that find both funny and annoying.

Nevertheless he did not catch up with finally, be in fastened with her path downstairs, he is thinking anyway there will be ample time. The residence that she changes still is actually near the company, it is direction differred just.

Move before Su Suzhi, changming and Wang Jin have will help move thing and clean, so they are to know she is new domiciliary. Wang Jin helps her brush a window to spit groove at the same time at the same time at that time, such moving that still be inferior to be not being moved, to hide the handsome young man is returned so arduous.

They do not divulge Su Surang her new dwelling, chang Ming was received sentence, I see Xu Yunfei won't bother us at all.


Today's thing had shown the validity that Chang Ming judges, su Su also does not know after all how to should follow him to told ability to be opposite really, he obviously very clear her idea, always should go against however come.

After this a few days, xu Yunfei is at 34 o'clock afternoon went to their company, sit in Wang Jin's former position next " office " , and he is really occupied still can do, their company finance affairs seemed to take money forms for reporting statistics to give him.

Chang Ming this can drop really defeat glasses, xu Yunfei is true still very serious saw Zhang a few days, still can talk about a few with finance affairs now and then.

After a week, xu Yunfei has talked about bout with their chief inspector, fender of Su Su table was knocked directly after coming back, "Su Su, where is the project that there still is him below your hand? Is Lin Shicheng in with? Is Lin Shicheng in with??

Chang Ming still carried first than Su Su first, making Yun Fei it seems that should be today just knows this thing, it is he does not have expect only, xu Yunfei also knows Lin Shicheng actually.

"Other group does not want to receive, I am interested quite, not OK? Waited for you to become large stockholder, how can you push this project? " Su Su looks up chanted he is one sentence.

Xu Yunfei a little bit soberer, "Do after coming off work, we seek a ground communicate again how to issue you to look? "Do after coming off work, we seek a ground communicate again how to issue you to look??

"Good. " Su Su did not say more, continue to do oneself thing, he followed a week with hand fit well, it is to must chat a little, but always feel to chat to won't have what progress.

Xu Yunfei took Su Su to eat roadside to spread out that day, after Su Su gets off, be dumbfounded, did he open a car to eat barbecue?

Nevertheless she is done not have dissatisfactory, two people ordered many things, su Su wants to be tasted, ferial in oneself a person is very insipid really this kind of thing.

Very salty Zuo is gotten confused when, discovery of the ability when Susu takes his beverage to drink has been beer, carry build looks at the person on the side, this really fierce apparently.

"Eat barbecue, is drinking beverage very strange? " Xu Yunfei reason is sufficient.

Su Su did not manage he, drink two to reckon she also does not have a thing anyway, can compare a mouth not to have block namely, to them next chat for, also not be evildoing probably.

Add of add of land of barbecue inn boss get on their thing neat, just come over to want to see Xu Yunfei twice every time, reckon big summer is wearing a shirt to put suit jacket what will eat barbecue on the back of the chair, also with respect to this individual.

"Su Su, you say you need time to adjust last, I feel this can be accepted. " nobody can be interrupted again, xu Yunfei opened a mouth to say one's proper business.

Su Su nods, "Next? "Next??

"Your manner is incorrect, you are not willing to accept new sentiment I am understandable, but you are escaping all the time, what do this calculate to adjust? " she need not accept him, but should not be now such circumstance, stand by to his opportunity far from.

The point that this Xu Yunfei raises is particularly true, she need not like him, but ought not to not give him the chance. Await her to be able to promise Gu Moyu in those days, to him the opportunity chases after her, but make Yun Fei had not done the sort of exorbitant thing, she is in blindly however reject him. This reason is very obvious, she promised Gu Moyu, give others impossibly the chance again so.

Can be this reason, tell Xu Yunfei impossibly, so she can let him exclusively be at ease force no longer her method, promise a change only now such manner. And change this attitude, mean accept him to chase after her this fact.

Or she does not change present attitude, he or that meeting are pestering her so all the time, from the result for, do not have what distinction.

"Xu Yunfei, I can try to accept others, but then the individual is not you. You can the position of go back yourself, if someone else chases after me, I can try to accept him. " Su Su gave out such reply.

Xu Yunfei saw Su Suyi small conference, "Where is Na Changming? "Where is Na Changming??

Su Suyi is slow-witted, turn the head looks at him, "What? "What??

"Su Su, you accept one without the plan at all, if you have this idea, it is Chang Ming no matter, still be me, you won't be now this manner. " the problem that Xu Yunfei pointed out Su Su further.

"Chang Ming... doesn't he have this meaning? " Su Suzhi he says rightly, still be steer clear of topic.

Xu Yunfei helped her open one canister beer again, replaced her at hand later, laughing to say, "Even if anybody has good opinion to you, with respect to you this is planted now the manner of stay at a respectful distance from sb, who dare come again be rebuffed? Who dare come again be rebuffed??

Su Su shoot a glance at he is one, "Not be to still have you. "Not be to still have you..

"Ha, " Xu Yunfei feels her position is bit better, laughed, "I am not to be afraid that you are doleful, look for bit of irritated worry to you. Look for bit of irritated worry to you..

After Su Su drank dot wine again, wine interest has come up a bit, answered him to say, "Calculate you to be not added to me, I am already enough also be perturbed. I am already enough also be perturbed..

"Irritated what, consider your son? " Xu Yunfei is becoming aware is moment almost select an issue a little.

Su Su discontinue the thing in the hand, close lightly lip nods, "I can hope he seeks a wife rapidly occasionally, good let little book have a mother, occasionally very the wife that is afraid that he searchs won't be fond of the child. Occasionally very the wife that is afraid that he searchs won't be fond of the child..

"If he marries really, are you sad? " make Yun Fei listen to her to mention the child, reveal take pity on.

"Your God marr南京新茶的联系方式SDies, what idea are you? Although also can have bit of unpleasantness, but be to hope she is happy after all. " Su Su still was used last analogy.

Look at least Su Su does not plan to turn round, xu Yunfei is right this already very satisfactory, "But the God that he is not you, he is you once close person, be? Be??

Su Su nodded this, "You also said, be once. Be once..

Xu Yunfei took her jar to try to fall, discover she drank the 2nd canister actually, typll一品楼江苏hought, opened one canister again to her. Discover she did not change the thing in dish again a long time, he placed dish to feed Su Su, su Su returned true ask for a favor to eat.

"Su Su, you are drunk a bit more, who is you see me? " had last lessons drawn from others' mistakes, make the cloud flew to affirm ahead of schedule.

After Su Su drank a beer again, look up as expected look at him to spit groove, "Gu Moyu, this drink very hard. This drink very hard..

Xu Yunfei's whole individual is foolish, she this is drunk much acquiescing him is the condition that is together with Gu Moyu, how to accomplish after all?

Help the person after the kiss goes up, he discovers Su Su did not defy him this, estimation is regarded him as that individual, want to produce gas more so, loosened person.