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" [db:标签TAG]alent of faithful dog crazy love " song Xiaobai / , this chapter in all 3227 words, update at: 2016-09-06 12:00

After going back, su Su looks for a pony to had asked, why to quarrel with the teacher before Gu Moyu?

The pony is laughing to say, "Miss Su goes asking a childe he won't conceal you again, will ask me why. Have a thing however, although for me probably improper, but Miss Su seems to had sent a childe the thing, when to send again? When to send again??

"How can you want to say this with me? " she is the salary that taking him to send now, do not use herself to spend money at all at ordinary times, besides give regularly the money is made in the home, she has not become those money are him really.

"After Miss Su goes, the childe receives that stickpin trashy all the time over- , the likelihood is to be afraid of lose; Go to Paris this I looked for the show for ages to just be found, scanty at ordinary times have bit of flaw at maintaining, so I just want to say many mouth. " the pony talks now the attention became much, especially this time Miss Su comes back, he always feels should some more careful.

Su Sudao wither, also be at ease this thing really went up.

Also seek the thing that is less than an opportunity to listen to a teacher to give her in the home, after going to work consequently, su Su looks for company staff to borrowed equipment to listen, knew next, what the teacher gives her is Gu Moyu and Ji Na special the melody of costar. Because if be other piano and violin concerto, the teacher should not be told in that way.

But she does not want to partici南京现在哪里有好场子pate in now too much the thing that he plays musical instrument, he is willing to cooperate especially with Ji Na again, she does not want to say more.

She feels from beginning to end, the thing that she does now and those draw near the woman of big money does not have difference, she is original non-privileged interference his too much thing.

This month she here however an important matter wants to do, contact the person that rustic children commonweal teachs, found one place to need the place that goods and materials helps particularly, it is with place a countryside raises those who teach 魔都新茶论坛connection discovery. Treated picture and child condition, su Su decides to go to place looking on the spot, send a batch of things the past incidentally.

This thing just heard of when she comes back, preparation of goods and materials is added later, negotiate with the other side, knock decided 20 to control the past, it is probably 3 return to 5 days, they can build tent to camp, because the village does not have a place,provide room to them.

She became busy two weeks, the book comes even Gu Ming to did not follow him to play for nothing, gu Moyu knew this thing. With before, he wants to go together with her.

"We are to work, besides me, still have other fellow worker, and we are to sit minibus, want to take goods and materials, how should you go? " go last provincial capital attends a meeting she did not take someone else, he went also stopping, this he is an encumbrance apparently.

She this manner and previously just the same, gu Moyu is a little small vinegary, "Then you go all the way with me, we fly to the airport there first, is a cross-country car hired to enter a village later how? Is a cross-country car hired to enter a village later how??

From the circumstance previously, after making a noise, be afraid still is difference of it doesn't matter, su Su just held to her to want to follow the car of the company, make him himself informal.

Gu Moyu is silent very long, sighed finally, say, "Good. You now and then offend my life to fall so, I prefer you some. I prefer you some..

Su Su is done do not know the logic in his word, feel his brain is very strange still only.

Because this pony looked for the person with responsible journey to ask about specific arrangement later, planned for Gu Moyu the journey, it is him only sensory childe is to be in really oneself are picky, how did the childe get countryside to sleep below the likelihood tent? Since the childe had decided,be only, reckon Miss Su has persuaded for certain, he did not南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路 invite ridicule rebuff again.

Before going, Su Su explained with pony elder brother, "Give the point after he chooses the route, the place that he can stay in has searched in city, I can persuade him to answer to moment live in city. I can persuade him to answer to moment live in city..

After the pony answered, feel, miss Su comes back this time is to follow really not quite same before, it is Lin Bai is absent probably, she herself still worries about had these things.

When considering silent eaves to arrive finally, it is them had entered a village the following day afternoon, after Su Su arrived late before them, lay between a talent to undertake goods and materials distributing, took the way home with individual child respectively after that, go to something area in their home incidentally.

Gu Moyu had not reached such place, the countryside that he goes to makes the same score a county namely, develop very well nowadays, although he still has seen one-storey house in one's childhood, built a building basically nowadays.

After he gets off was stupefied with respect to the wall that be defeated by the half wall of the school, after going in, the person that the company stays behind sees he was frightened jump, took him to arrive to sit down at the same time rest. That also is a teacher office, although very dilapidated, have a desk and chair for the moment.

Raise teaching a teacher to listened to the person that stay behind to introduce this is them old boss, very amazed, this old boss looks too young, and grow too some more conspicuously.

Know Su Su after they go out, gu Moyu is a little bored to death, signal is differred here, he saw a mobile phone abandon calling to her.

Raising taught female teacher to also do not know is to want to strive for welfare for the child, still want to talk with Gu Moyu purely, introduced a lot of cases here for him. Gu Moyu expresses without what, nod namely at most express to hear.

Company staff is afraid that the teacher is awkward, explained to her sentence say, the boss does not love a talk at ordinary times南京哪个水疗会所好AK, do not have special meaning.

Also arrive almost when canning say nothing, after the colleague is worrying about awkward silence at an occasion, sit in a space to be able to be overcome with the boss, the pony that waits for a person in the doorway comes in say they come back.

Gu Moyu rises immediately go out to receive Su Su, when seeing a person, be stupefied, "Be to climb? " do very dirtily on her body, he still does not have scrutiny is this feeling.

Su Suxin situation is a little serious, of children go to school the way is too hard, see the person before is a little grouchy, "What are you wearing shirt suit to come over to do? "What are you wearing shirt suit to come over to do??

3 fellow workers that have with Su Suyi see old boss is to stay, this word speaks Su Su mouth more frighten foolish.

Gu Moyu just sees trousers is worn-out over there her knee at this moment, what did not pay attention to her is interrogatory cared about this first however, "Fell? "Fell??

"Revive always go up hill from time to tome child trip, she was filled up. " a female colleague answered a word for Su Su in a low voice.

She returns have the nerve to get angry, it is incorrect that he is worn, that is he does not know, she this can be intended, giving others to make cushion is what meaning, "Ache? "Ache??

"Minor injury. " Su Su forgot this to return a responsibility however, go to even in go.

"Go below processing. " Gu Moyu blocked her.

"We prepared vulnerary, otherwise went in to give revive below total processing. " somebody so answered sentence.

That environment visits silent house inside actually dissatisfactory, but see her now condition, be afraid won't be handled with him, was forced to help a person up to take a moment ago office first.

"Myself goes. " Su Sujiao must be bit of minor injury nevertheless, received a colleague to give the liquid medicine that come over to prepare informal besmear site.

Gu Moyu had taken liquid medicine to look twice, turn the head sees pony elder brother is taking medicine chest to run.

"Childe, let me come? " the pony crouchs a private parts to open medicine chest, took the thing such as alexipharmic water, liquid medicine and gauze.

"Myself comes. " Gu Moyu crouchs a private parts so said sentence.

Su Su face one blueness, she is afraid original it doesn't matter thing, after he is done, meet probably occupied. "The thing that a moment ago said on our road, you go to front courtyard front courtyard make next records; You go helping arrange next classrooms, still have the thing that lack, look again. Look again..

It is good to do not have other place besides front courtyard front courtyard make a record, sought a ground additionally in the office, someone else includes to raise religion also come loose went out.

Gu Moyu her worn-out place avulsion some, jean is very hard, he used power a little. What cut does not say like Su Su is small in that way, gu Moyu was biting a tooth to washed cut to go up to her medicine, after hitting good gauze, stood up to send fire.

"Su Su, I hear you will send goods and materials, does somebody send goods and materials to you can do his? Does somebody send goods and materials to you can do his??

Pony station is anxious a little aside, miss Su comes back they return these a few months to had not made a noise, look today is to run to be not dropped, "Childe, miss Su is not intended for certain. Miss Su is not intended for certain..

Su Su is low head did not say, she knows to be able to have this kind of time, she works this do not long, what he wants is she follows sit over to become an old young lady like him. Never mention it do oneself, she goes out go running he is not willing.

"Fall today was being defeated is not intended, is boiling from hill next time also intended? ! !!

Su Su fell tear, have no way out between them, he is overcome these, she is overcome to follow in that way the ground is living like dying, mix beside him leave him, it is same anguish.

"I am sorry, after me won't go to the countryside, so OK? So OK??

Xie Tingting does not have idea to record at all aside, old boss has let her do not move to the medicine on their general manager eye, the content that this quarrels, too strange. It seems that what didn't their general manager do, however some control are about to cross old boss strong.

From this go to the countryside, they change to Su Su quite big still, her earnestly practise what one advocates does not say, for many times the goods and materials that new business accounting needs, after arriving, also send all the time be close to with the child from the heart. They think she is to do old boss to look originally, she has the son that likes 全国凤,凰楼信息网站old boss more, just decided such aiding financially this year so direction.

But the circumstance from today, especially on hill that, su Suhao attacks to fell on his knees in the past forthwith catching that child, except is such, the child falls not to know to meet is where touchdown. But later what did she say, still continued to send the child to come home with them, hurt to what come back to also had not carried a leg to go up all the time.

Sharp-eyed of except old boss is carried, be afraid they go with respect to such cloak be palliatived by hers, won't consider this issue.

But she also a moment ago saw cut, not be very small it seems that, look at very ache.

The voice that hears her was taken choke with sobs, gu Moyu raised her head, saw her all over the face tear stains, he a moment ago regretted, speak that word from her. Helped her brush tear, gu Moyu apology, "It is me incorrect, my bright knows this kind of thing does not avoid, still can cannot help every time communications center you get angry. Cannot protecting you is my fault originally, go up to your body quite even, more incorrect, can you excuse me? Can you excuse me??

He kissed Su Su forehead, "A moment ago thing is my tousle disposition, you need not apologize. You like what to do, what can do, I won't ask you are not done. I won't ask you are not done..

The pony also is assisted by, "You know Miss Su childe disposition is such, had listened to calculate, do not follow his buy energy of life really. Do not follow his buy energy of life really..

Su Su just looks at the person before, nodded, did not talk however.

Two he is OK such, dan Susu knows to be able to change sooner or later, his concede won't be everlasting.

But visit silent house today this one, with the be exactly the same a few years ago, susu is a little interrogative, he still can retain this love really probably very long, but she suffers so the ground stays beside him, not likely can have grown the likelihood his deadline.

Probably, she should pray, be choked so in her like afflictive before killing, he can have gone off she. Otherwise, she does not know, he is met after she is dead how, and in that way, he still can worry after she is dead.