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" [db:标签TAG]alent of faithful dog crazy love " song Xiaobai / , this chapter in all 3396 words, update at: 2016-10-09 12:00

"Gu Moyu, are you the thing that still a lot of conceal me? " be based on last thing, su Su is in later had some of suspicion.

Because she promised to give birth to 2 embryoes when birthday, the sexual blessing index of this month of Gu Moyu is apparent prep above before, he what be enmeshed a little overly in happy life, be broken muddled thoroughly by this query.

"What... thing? "What... thing??

"I ask you namely南京哪个水疗会所好AK! "I ask you namely!!

Gu Moyu has answered a god to want to continue a moment ago thing, talk about these too feel disappointed. Before nevertheless Susu had, mix his opposed experience, kept away from ably. He sighed to also ask, "What did you listen to to say again? "What did you listen to to say again??

"Again? What meaning be? " Su Su is wanting how to be worn today also want serious communication to issue this, "We are husband and wife, gu Moyu, want openness in order to be opposite, be? Be??

"It is some of thing that tells you to also be indifferent to, you believe me. " Gu Moyu is disinclined to rise a bit go catching her, light does exercise already enough tired, fight brave with her battle of wits even, too wasteful physical strength.


"Then you say first. " Susu is holding a pillow in the arms to sit in bed end to stand fast position.

Gu Moyu abandoned temporarily, sit up body leans in the head of a bed, "You come over, I say with you. I say with you..

Susu shakes his head, affirmative in the past meeting is eaten to do those who wipe, she just is done not have so foolish.

Dormant after one small conference, gu Moyu was obliged mouth, "From which to speak of? Say that fir cropland first, I introduce he works that later, this thinking that you won't see him again, did not think of he and tanaka are hired was in be the same as a place, should meet to pass a little after you, be? Be??

Su Su's whole individual is crazy, the pillow also was unlocked by her, "Hey -- why? ! !!

"I say, aid factitious joy this, are you believed? " hand of lay open of 南京哪个水疗会所好AKthe eaves that consider silent, see her one face answers magical nevertheless about, the feeling is quite interesting also.

"Believe you ability there is sth fishy! " pillow of Su Su pick up breaks the past, if he has so kindly, world peace is early came true.

Gu Moyu cannot help cannot help laughing, had received pillow replace she sleeps there, "The place that snack inn stays in from us is too close, odeum does not give a line completely in yours, and I had received a show without the hall that holds two or more posts concurrently in him again, understood? Understood??

"Gu Moyu you are very persnickety really! " Su Su was beaten by weak feeling, bend over answered a bed to go up.

Hand of the Yu Shen that consider silent caught her, begin to undertake answeringed her at the same time next at the same time, "Su Su, you do not understand, when there is a baby in your hand, glance to others metropolis concern people will grab; You are right for me, but more than it is an average baby. But more than it is an average baby..

"Your eye has Gu Moyu really problem, after all who can still feel I am a treasure? Do you distribute not clear stand or fall as you when others? " Su Su so discovery is not quite right after saying, "Incorrect, I am common only, do not have bad. Do not have bad..

Gu Moyu yell bends over to go up in her body, she is too lovely really, give birth to a daughter to agree to will surely bring him more joy, he has premonition, "Su Su, you can not affect my judgement to your view, looking is to cannot unite an opinion. Looking is to cannot unite an opinion..

"Stop, still have... other... "

Although such amusing,amuse her quite interesting also, but Gu Moyu caught a person not to plan to chat again, in case true inadvertently blurt out, estimation has streak again her otherwise is glad.

After all in the thing that he hides her, it is hole for the most part her, the issue that for instance Guan Minmin awaits in those days, still have most the work that begins Xu Yunfei, she knew estimation has so that be troubled by again.

The 51 eaves that consider silent had a show to take Su Su to go abroad travel, she sent to go with respect to too impatient to wait after going back to the motherland pregnant check, su Su is right this very without language, he is to have many after all impatient. Can make Su Su astonied as a result, he guessed actually, she still had really, time is very short still, herself fine long hair is impassible.

Gu Moyu is very complacent, discussed the after the event that the husband and wife after marriage of for a long time lives with doctor development, to Su Su talk a lot of nonsense says, "Look providential in me here, I want a daughter, it also should meet me. It also should meet me..

Some accept Susu incompetent, these madcap capital that where he comes to after all, "Son and daughter are good, OK? OK??

"Wife said to calculate. " Gu Moyu fooled her for the moment, she was pregnant now bigger, he plans what down her. As to can mother her, gu Moyu feels OK still to try hard to increase an interest again, see her still can become more overbearing pamper some not.

When he letting promise to involve the lady's issue before her, said to be able to cooperate him to decrease go out, there was pregnancy nowadays, gu Moyu is to move more do not want to let her move. Traditional go to the countryside will be prevented by him in May, as replace, he himself went.

Arrive all the time when the dragon boat festival after a month, su Su's intelligence quotient is abrupt cruel add, asked Gu Moyu, "You had thought of beforehand, just promise to involve the lady's issue so? Just promise to involve the lady's issue so??

She enquires means is too concise this and elliptically, gu Moyu is laughing to say, "You are saying wife what, can you say a bit more thoroughly? Can you say a bit more thoroughly??

Su Su is stivy, hum rolled a head.

"Good, it is me bad. " Gu Moyu mended his ways immediately, "The thing that I ought not to think of to you can be pregnant ahead of schedule, won't promise to involve the lady's issue so, so OK? So OK??

Su Su is depressed still, she moves at that time his, she can cooperate that is to say he decreases to go out and make friend, he is for completely this, of ability release what is held.


Will pass in July half hind, gu Moyu just allows Susu to inform someone else she has the thing of pregnant, because he does not know to hear to too much person tells this thing inside 3 months from where, slip very easily embryo, had the example last year, he notices all the more this year.

Xu Yunfei hears of this after the event, came to a company see her, this he did not go her office there, wait for her in assembly room doorway directly, see the person couldn't help saying sentence, "This, won't he let me accompany you to make pregnant check probably? Won't he let me accompany you to make pregnant check probably??

Su Su was stupefied a short while, saying is the thing a lot of years ago, answered a god to laugh at next saying, "His thing for those a few months, estimation arrives now regret gets intestines green, do not offend him again. Do not offend him again..

"That is of his ask for it. " Xu Yunfei was laughing to say this, also returned mood from the past, never had thought at that time, also can yearn for actually one day in that way once. It is at that time in those things when, he is had his heart filled with in be in those who worry about her to will come, had not thought oneself like her this kind of thing.

Zhuang Mu drives once after this when Zai Susu, asked her, "When you conceive little book, was troubled by contradiction with Gu Moyu, be together? Be together??

They also acquaintanceship is very long, su Su is a slow strength, did not realize the man is right all the time her feeling, just put him in the friend's position. Early of village wash one's hair is the name that makes Gu Moyu and her directly all the time, she also has done not have demur, "Also do not calculate, I feel he cannot become an eligible father at that time, so beat the gun. He fears the uncle won't let me be delivered of little book, held Xu Yunfei in the palm to take care of me so. Held Xu Yunfei in the palm to take care of me so..

Zhuang Mu did not ask more again, it is Su Su wanted to ask, "Zhuang Mu, our understanding seemed to have two years, had not asked all the time, do you have a girlfriend? Had still married? Had still married??

"Ask this how suddenly? "Ask this how suddenly??

Susu shook first, "Next month the seventh evening of the seventh moon, xu Yunfei asks me otherwise wants to do a Valentine's Day clique to be opposite, ask sweethearts people celebrate a festival together, also be the friend that covert to meet. Also be the friend that covert to meet..

The seventh evening of the seventh moon of in former years visits silent house celebrating is fixed project in the main, she is afraid some are no-go this year, do not look for bit of thing to do to him, she is afraid that he can cannot help doing some of strange thing again.

Hear here Zhuang Mu to have doubt however, "Does he have Xu Yunfei girlfriend? " if not is such, is he offers this in hole he himself?

Su Su is blinked blink, "He won't be short of chaperon probably. " she is not different idea Lin Shiliu, xu Yunfei disposition is humor, although let a person separate not clear fun and true word occasionally, but he probably very action woman likes, for instance him Lin Shiliu.

"Decided time place to tell me, I can take chaperon to attend. " Zhuang Mu also so answered her.

After be pregnant from her, gu Moyu spent a lot of time to do a thing, the daughter that replaces him names a word.

Su Suyou moment is very helpless, he had not thought this embryo also can be a son, if not be a daughter really,do not know really, he can break down.

He is in the Beginning of Autumn that weekend the home arranges a photograph, consider this issue incidentally, su Su helps him be arranged together aside.

The first piece of photograph this year, it is he is mixed when costar of Ji Na spy, gu Moyu is inserted in photograph book along with handgrip photograph, in a low voice talk about again and ag南京现在哪里有好场子ain, "Graceful? Bad. Bad..

The photograph after this, be in arsis of Tang Feng wedding, su Su stands by new a form of address for one's wife, but consider silent eaves to also stand beside her accordingly, so that piece of photograph blames quite actually, bridegroom official is squeezed to the edge. Gu Moyu is inserting a photograph to murmur, "Graceful, bad. Bad..

Su Su heaves a sigh soundlessly, he this is what to do, want a woman in every pieces of photograph think with the word?

The draw word that manage paint includes after this he is negative also, appeared after that the picture that had not seen before a piece of Su Suzhi, be he and a little girl, she knew probably, when he replaces the pay a return visit of home village or town before she goes, should pat.

It is that young woman student that she has helped, also be that girl that has said he grows good-lookingly, had grown it seems that in the photograph get some stature, passed two years after all, dot development is really do not see metropolis difference is very big one year.

See her be in young scrutiny photograph, gu Moyu was shown off, "Small peach can be to say she thinks me very much, still kissed me. Still kissed me..

Su Su does not understand he is in complacent what, white he is one, "Does old little sweep the deck make you so glad? "Does old little sweep the deck make you so glad??

"Ha, ha, are you in Su Su jealous? If I say, she still said to be brought up to want to marry me, you still see them next year? " collect of the eaves that consider silent kissed her in the past, "Or the girl is lovely, the daughter that waits for us was born, it is the whole world is the most lovely certainly. It is the whole world is the most lovely certainly..

"How do you answer her then? " Susu abandons discussing the issue of child sexual distinction with him, anyway he still promised to won't go check men and women.

See her true curiosity, gu Moyu inserts the photograph after going in, answer, "Nature is to tell her, I had married the best woman on this world to be wife, she had had not enough time. She had had not enough time..

Su Su black line, fear he is met namely too too direct ability asks, "Gu Moyu your this individual is really... it is a daughter to also won't give you to take absolutely. "Gu Moyu your this individual is really... it is a daughter to also won't give you to take absolutely..

"Why? " Gu Moyu is without consciousness.

Su Su reads aloud this in the silent in the heart the individual is abnormal after 3 take second place, sighed to answer him, "Dot is very flimsy, every age paragraph have that age paragraph idea and idea, do not need to tell them prematurely overmuch truth. " one is not worth to returning year old the son says what society hyena, if take the daughter to him, the result is how, wanting to be met is nightmare.

Gu Moyu does not understand, he is hit small can understand a lot of issues, his son also is such, he does not understand what cries premature.

"If your daughter likes a boy, but the other side does not like her however, how can you do? " Su Su asked him such question ahead of schedule.

Truly of the eaves that consider silent ponders, "Why to meet somebody does not like my daughter, the everybody on this world can love her. The everybody on this world can love her..

This does not have a law to go down a little at all simply, su Su sighs, "After if be little book,be brought up then, doesn't favorite girl like him? Doesn't favorite girl like him??

"He himself is not chased after, my what issue to involve? My what issue to involve??

Su Sufang was abandoned, rise directly left.

If be a daughter really,look, little book goes to experience history on the most very grave blow, come from at his father too get a difference to treat apparently too.