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" [db:标签TAG]alent of faithful dog crazy love " song Xiaobai / , this chapter in all 3760 words, update at: 2016-09-23 12:00

"You are to want to let me help, still do not want to let me have a hand in? " considered lord to open the lamp into the study.

Gu Moyu says not clear, from the point of tonight, the issue should be not thorny, but do not know why, he has kind of disappointed to be like the sense that lose.

"Old father, you those industries, is the name that is me? Is the name that is me??

Inform against his father on-the-job from business, it is a the simplest retaliation way, but he guesses his father,did not leave such handle outside.

"Without exception. " he with respect to this son, from at the beginning business of all blame official business, with respect to all the name that is him what use.

This also is he goes last when firm of provincial capital ad, company general manager hurries to the reason of the company personally, though he does not admit,visit silent house, but the industry of his under one's name is far cross him himself more in brain those.

"Are some mind restless? " considered lord to ask sentence, filled after that sentence, "Element seem to looking for you. "Element seem to looking for you..

Finish of the Yu Ting that consider silent was not moved, he does not know why to to issue the desire of the building, "Old father, I did not think of some what the likelihood returns, I should tell if you think of. I should tell if you think of..

Considered lord to nod, actually he has one stake in the heart now, did not say however finally.

Su Su seems to did not give Gu Ming book taletelling that evening, when Gu Moyu goes down, she had gone up in the bed. Say to just be bridal chamber to spend candle tonight, when Gu Moyu is doing a foreplay, see Su Susheng is acerbity and modest response, did not know why to do not have a gender to send, issued a bed to give a room, "You sleep first, I have bit of thing. I have bit of thing..

He does not know why to do not have a feeling, this is in before is the thing that has done not have, even if was to sit long plane, even if be all night not Mian, want her not to object only, he the gender is sent exuberant.

she says this, like the case after the end? Gu Moyu let a pony open a car to take him to go for a spin, there are these somes to do not have on the road. There still can be Su Su in his bottom of the heart, his feeling has in that way a thing is on mind, it is to wipe what do not go at all.

Is this probably temporarily cold feeling? Still say because he got her thoroughly,true is, does so he become now paid no attention to?

Want not clear the abode that these Gu Moyu answered him goes, although the pony says the near future such not quite / safe, he also did not listen.

Now ought be the sweetest when, gu Moyu discovers him that he cannot be faced however, after lying between a day to awake, he discovers himself or thinking Su Su, but do not want to go to a company seeing her however, he does not understand himself after南京spa哪里好玩 all is how, be ill?

Su Suzheng often went to a company going to work that day, oneself were looked at to use the n porcelain teacup of for a long time in the office, do not know why to have some not pleasing to the eye, changed a new vacuum cup.

The Zhuang Mu when coming off work rises when she should go by said, "The boss has bit of thing, let me send revive always go back. Let me send revive always go back..

"Myself goes. "Myself goes..

"Considered the home to give me the key. " Zhuang Mu takes car key to her to look.

After the garage arriving below, zhuang Mu pressed a car to lock up, the sound in the garage of hollowness is very good identify. But when they go in corridor, the person that one caboodle is taking stick rushs, su Su was frightened jump, the man is like expect however.

"Revive it is good to always look for a place to hide. " so after saying, zhuang Mu has welcomed the one person that rushs the nearliest, 29 laid him.

Su Su hides to see a man answer hellion aside, cannot help going out to help finally, take a bag to lay those people.

"Revive always take care! " she had not been hit after all frame, act rashly, eye of village wash one's hair looks at one stick to want to be hit, by the waist is held in the arms outstanding blocked for her.

After that the voice that they heard patron wagon, a flock of people also disregarded the thing that falls on the ground to make off at once. Zhuang Mu had made ensure public security in the past, but considering may by bribe of the other side, signed up for at the same time alarm, fortunately he signs up for shift to an earlier date, about the same time arrived.

After sending Su Su to Gu Zhai, returned Che Zhuangmu to be about to say good-bye originally, su Su says he sufferred an injury, still go in go up bit of medicine, took a person to take the door.

The condition said to Lin Bai after Su Sujin goes, say to want the drug on Zhuang Mu, lin Bai saw this manner persuade to say, "I take village gentleman to go up medicine, little madam just a minute. " although the childe was not in, if know the what on other man Su Su gives drug, appoint otherwise glad.

Su Su still is very afraid appearance, sit to wait in the sitting room.

When Zhuang Mu comes out, the book that consider inscription comes down from upstairs fitly, see his Mom had cried first, ran over to attack.

Su Su just holds him in the arms, loosened, did not hold the son in the arms rise.

Hear Zhuang Mu saved his mom, the book that consider inscription after Xie Zhi, carry suddenly the foot kicked the past. Zhuang Mu is subliminal carry hand case was blocked, the book that consider inscription also did not give up at this point, enrol repeatedly attacked the past.

"Little book! " the god just was answered to call a son after Su Suyi is met.

She the thing that this still also sees the book that consider inscription uses him to learn for the first time, what to say however.

The book that consider inscription received offensive to turn over fell the ground, "The fistfight art of village uncle, with pony uncle about the same strong. With pony uncle about the same strong..


Complexion of village wash one's hair becomes silent without reply, it is Su Su was stupefied to fall. This pawn considers lord to heard activity to come down, see bearer made call, "Zhuang Xian brother's son came, stay eat a dinner. Stay eat a dinner..

Su Su still is when water of a mist, zhuang Mu went latter to called a person to answer a word, "Not quite convenient. "Not quite convenient..

Consider lord to breathe out ah laugh, "You are to worry about that smelly boy to come back grouchy, do not have a thing. Do not have a thing..

The disposition that has known Gu Moyu generally is answered on Zhuang Mu, although he thanked him to save Su Su, but still be actually,do not want to see him very much. Can ask him otherwise wants a return trip to go together at that time, it is to thank probably, he is so decisive refused.

Arrive alertly in Susu by the side of Wang Laoshen when still having a middleaged person, considered lord to make the introduction for her, "This is Wang Shu's son, also be to should let Wang Shu at an early date natural span of life of take care of oneself of come off sentry duty.

Look the total chamberlain after this may visit the home namely, su Su nods made call, "Wang Shu. " the son that the nature that she calls is Wang Bai.

Did not think of Gu Moyu this day to did not come back to have dinner, lord of meal turn back called Zhuang Mu to say thing having a place chats with him. Susu still wants to ask originally, gu Moyu the also encountered her tonight trouble there, why she still can encounter such trouble, the result did not have an opportunity.

"Element the word of at a loose end, let Lin Shu say the thing that says smelly boy 10 years old that year to attend a dinner to you, are you to worrying about the relation between we and other kin? " consider lord to dropped this to dismiss she.

The book that consider inscription also is interested, followed Lin Bai to hear a story.

"That should be to be on the birthday home banquet that visits father's elder brother, the childe is hit small do not love to attend these intercourse, but that year already 10 years old, lord feels he also knows bit of thing, took a childe to go together. Took a childe to go together..

Each children went at that time, dot congratulates an elderly person on his birthday denounce red bag to also be a festival thing, when the result is turn for Gu Moyu, he goes advocate desk with respect to affront everybody.

"Antediluvian, " he says to take finger at the same time at the same time, besides jumped over him old father, come down in succession even if, he tentativelies greatly, little father's younger brother, "Hypocritical, miser, " arrive finally when his husband's younger sister halt moment still said, "Self-abased disease patient. "Self-abased disease patient..

Great aunt of Gu Moyu did not resemble Gu Dabai be being enraged in that way be angry and fierce, still laughing to ask him, "W南京个人spa联系方式FDGhat is your father then? "What is your father then??

Gu Moyu saw him twice old father, "Old fox. "Old fox..

Consider lord to do not have life completely so far, nevertheless next, gu Moyu continued to say, "I do not like your everybody, do not ask us to attend dinner of this kind of home later, should not come to my home to visit what relative more. Go back, old father? Old father??

Although Gu Moyu's father is old in the home 3, the daughter that can visit silent Yucai and his husband's younger sister is of the same age, big also a fe南京哪里spa性价比高w months, he can is one piece so inordinate to the utmost. Think in everybody consider lord to be able to teach him son a lesson two when, consider lord to rise answered him son, "Good, went back. Went back..

His son says have not he does not want to say, after consequently they go by other kin how clapperclaw, he also is paid no attention to.

"From that later, lord is contacted with the person of a member of the same clan rarely, at first size elder sister often still can have some of contact to send one's respects to, also did not have gradually later. " this calculates Lin Bai to say this story probably.

There is particularly amazed appearance after Su Suting is over, said only sentence, "Be such. "Be such..

Lin Bai some feel puzzled to wanting to ask two, mouth of the book that consider inscription was interrupted he, "Grandpa Lin, I want to go to a park taking a walk, do you take me to go? Do you take me to go??

This child Su Su became a person again, after answering a room to wash gargle, she made a telephone call to Gu Moyu, the other side after putting through did not talk, she starts to talk first asked him, "Where are you? When to come back? When to come back??

Still do not have on respondent, finally with respect to such hang up. Su Su sits on the bed very open-eyed, why he is abrupt such, what also does not say?

Gu Moyu is drinking in high-level hotel at that time, she can hit him had been rare, asking question never has had more, because,this is she the wife that now is him, had formal renown share, had such change so?

The result considers silent eaves or the abode that sleep in oneself finally that evening, the pony continued to sleep in the garage one evening. He also heard the Su Su after coming off work tonight receives the job that raid in the garage, he just did not think of to produce this kind of job, the childe does not say drive a Gu Zhai for a short while, did南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路 not go back in the evening repeatedly rest.

These two days he followed Gu Moyu to do some human communicate the affair that attend, basically be for that evening alleged 4 elder brother, consider the other side can make reprisals, gu Moyu did some of work ahead of schedule. Nevertheless he considers case of these two days, feel to still will persuade to urge a young son tomorrow had better, probably the childe is disease of the dread after some marriage, always cannot escape all the time go down.

The Gu Moyu that lie between a day received the book that consider inscription afternoon, he this afternoon is football class, be in so sports center. When the car opens the past along iron net, gu Moyu swept slovenly of a dress to still wearing the people of the cap, do not know why to mind a little.

After receiving a person, the pony asked to want to receive Su Su to come off work, gu Moyu says to review the home directly however.

The book that consider inscription sees him old father, did not investigate this affair finally, asked however sentence, "Pa, had been you done I am sorry the thing of my Mom? Had been you done I am sorry the thing of my Mom??

"What trap is this? " Gu Moyu is done not have special if caring about his son, it is blurt out answered only sentence.

Since his pa is this manner, the book that consider inscription closes a mouth not character.

This one evening or village wash one's hair sent Su Su to review the home, just consider silent eaves to had been in the home, he did not go into the door.

"Did you come back? Be what to thing there is very busy? Be what to thing there is very busy??

Hand of the Yu Shen that consider silent barred should attack to conceive the person in to him, discovery has kind of sweet smell that once was familiar with very much on her body, "Did you brush perfume? "Did you brush perfume??

"Don't you like this smell? " Susu was retreated a little some.

"Have a meal. "Have a meal..

The book takes the Gu Ming when dinner beside his Mom ahead of schedule, what didn't Gu Moyu say, sit opposite.

Visit silent house that evening or live in the home, how to after just holding Su Su in the arms to close a key point, sleep to be not worn, did not turn over the back slept to her a little while, how to also still sleep to be not worn.

After passing 3 days so, psychosis of Zhou Wu Gu Moyu is not quite good, and it is very tired that Su Su still asked Zhou Si him in the evening, sleep every night early. She never can ask this kind of thing previously, it is to examining minutely him probably why so long did not touch her.

"Jockey! " Gu Moyu saw same individual again, bending over to look toward the football ground inside on iron net.

Get off eaves of turn back silent is wanting thereto to go, people sees him later, run at a draught. After the pony gets off, see only had run a of corner dirty back, "Be a beggar, how childe? How childe??

Gu Moyu thought next wanting that do not drive to be overtaken, still do not have finally. What is he thinking after all, that is a beggar nevertheless.

But when having a meal that evening, he says his some things want to go out processing, period of time won't come back, meal hind gave the door.

"Does the childe want to go? " the pony can not hear the childe has such scheduling recently.

"I that. "I that..

This Gu Moyu let a pony follow him to go upstairs, "You sleep in the evening in hall. "You sleep in the evening in hall..

When Gu Moyu bathed to come out to take wine, see the pony is gone to in window edge look downstairs, asked sentence.

"Seeming is to a beggar was entered come in, security personnel is wanting a person drum out. Security personnel is wanting a person drum out..

Listen to him so say, two paces collect saw Gu Moyu in the past, "Take the person to me. "Take the person to me..

The pony does not have doubt, went down quickly to do this thing, say this is the guest that his home childe asks, took away the person. Security personnel is in how does infiltrate come to interrogative person, anyway somebody ending, also was indifferent to.

Fall in lamplight into the door, of the person that Gu Moyu comes up pony belt make even the cap a replace after the head, "Raise a head to come. "Raise a head to come..

After bearer looks up, pony whole individual is frightened foolish, make make do not come out, go up besides the face a bit dirty, then individual and Su Suchang are gotten exactly like.