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" [db:标签TAG]alent of faithful dog crazy love " song Xiaobai / , this chapter in all 3275 words, update at: 2016-10-21 12:00

Pony accident viewed and admire true person to perform, and be not oneself childe, consider silent eaves to do this kind of thing before they still are met evasive, a moment ago nevertheless that one act does not have this it seems that necessary.

"Time is not early, answer a room to had rested? " after Xu Yunfei kisses perfect man, flounced off oneself hand, so asked a dream Li.

Dream Li is continueing look for a job and busy two seconds considered between his thing, the opportunity is rare, she is decisive followed Xu Yunfei to go.

Put her to go first after the bathroom washs gargle, xu Yunfei some headache, this is the wh what day that spend after all, removing a possibility is a wrong decision. After crossing him to still come out in dream Li, go quickly washing gargle, answer a room to see she still is in the bed is classy, did not go stir up trouble, how to just leave a heart.


"Xu Yunfei, you kiss me again. You kiss me again..

Received expected demand report next, know she is waiting for this to answer a thing to just did not go 南京场子全部关闭2020out to be troubled by so, xu Yunfei also is like her place to said to do with respect to go to bed of darling take orders from.

Next dream Li is about to enter before mode, xu Yunfei blocked her, "Need not do the sort of thing painstakingly, I still do not have the age that needs the sort of service certainly. I still do not have the age that needs the sort of service certainly..

He is only also not quite the habit does a foreplay to her, a little loiter a little while later, entered making fun of.

Dream Li is before on bed thing all the time very straight-out, him meeting raises a requirement, fast or it is slow, even or be enough, xu Yunfei is to follow her mostly. But she just started to talk today when wanting to say, xu Yunfei removes a hand to show in her labial edge was interrupted with respect to vertical stroke she, "Need not say, I know. I know..

He how to although do not have,use a heart before, but she probably he returns love is to figure out, tonight is probably new germinant, she begins from the beginning with respect to complexion tide red, threw completely go in. Such looking, there also is look of 18 years old only about on the bed, he should be her really the first man.

"Dream Li, do you like me really? " Xu Yunfei followed her to communicate this kind of thing in this kind of moment for the first time.

Good a little while he is done not have when answer, stop after the movement, be opposite with her seriously inspected a little while, the bright red that sees her face go up overflowed an eye in, "Foolish girl, how do you learn those things that do to me? How do you learn those things that do to me??

Dream Li has some of suffocate, said before her a lot of, he is not taken seriously, examine minutely such thing now suddenly, how is letting her do not know good.

"Just see dish, also still have practice? " after that one evening, although dream Li is pestering him all the time, can begin to force he does this kind of thing, it is several months later.

"Have. "Have..

Xu Yunfei is shallow laugh at phonate, at the same time slow-motion move asked delay at the same time sentence, "With who? "With who??

"... " dream Li feels he wants to be heated up so that evaporate, what does he laugh at, and that is what problem, "... carrot... "

"Hello, are you small bunny? " Xu Yunfei amused her, laugh at her without reassume, collect kissed on her face in the past. She worked hard, go learning for the thing of this kind of utterly ignorant, shameless still ground went carrying out.

Dream Li is thoroughly disorder, dry what is he after all, her brain already burn-up!

Ended for ages, after wa南京个人spa联系方式FDGiting for her to answer a god, xu Yunfei asked her, "Come again even? "Come again even??

The hesitation with dream god-given Li, come again she thinks, but feel whole person is foolish a moment ago,dropped, he is seeing her joke, still think humiliate so she is one? After two-phase is measured, she still nodded soundlessly.

"Listen to you. " good temperament ground answered Xu Yunfei sentence, began the 2nd times.

After ending this, dream Li is a little confused, grunted sentence, "Husband, I am thirsty. I am thirsty..

"I go taking water to you. " night clothes was worn since Xu Yunfei, help her pull good quilt, slightly some take a look, she a moment ago subliminal when, did not make his name.

She has not wanted good how to do his wife probably, had wanted to want him to become her man however.

Nevertheless he just goes out, saw the Su Su that going outside, the foot falls to turned to follow to go up, "Want to go out beguilement? "Want to go out beguilement??

The voice behind is heard when Susu opens the door, because not be Gu Moyu, she was not frightened, "Had you not slept? "Had you not slept??

"Accompany you to go? " Xu Yunfei followed her to go out to close the door, climb stair to reach the summit all the way next building.

"The thing yesterday, my Dai Mengli apologizes, she may be unemployment is suddenly faineant, ability can have some of ask for trouble. Ability can have some of ask for trouble..

Su Suyao shakes his head, push the door of attic, take the edge all the time outside, "In the final analysis is narrow-minded of the Yu Tai that consider silent, ability can get angry so easily. Ability can get angry so easily..

"How didn't you eat in the evening, can hungry? " Xu Yunfei sees the convenience inn that seems to have a bright still light nearby downstairs.

Su Su turns the head looks at him, pull wrap around sleeping the light jacket outside skirt, "Xu Yunfei, you... do not like dream Li? You... do not like dream Li??

Xu Yunfei is silent, she is very serious asking him, want how to reply, he is not clear, "Su Su... "

Su Su mouth sighed, this also is not his fault, she is a little afflictive only, thinking her to planned to go back so.

Xu Yunfei helped her arm, "Su Su, are you worrying about Gu Moyu and dream Li? Are you worrying about Gu Moyu and dream Li??

Susu is a little interrogative, after taking turn around and stretch out one's hand, denied he, "Without, he has encountered the Li that compare a dream better. " what she says is Ji Na spy, more than extraction comparatives, still be the violinist of a talent, did not communicate an obstacle completely with Gu Moyu.

"Are then you in why grouchy? " she goes upstairs so late the top will air, always have bit of reason?

Su Su blurt out answered sentence, "Just sleep to be not worn, come out, I should go down, do you stand again even meet? Do you stand again even meet??

Xu Yunfei followed her to leave a floor, see her brushed dactylogram to open the door, after follow-up door, just think dream Li to still waiting to drink water, went in a hurry kitchen.

Susu replies a house quietly, see Gu Moyu still be asleep, feeling climbed in, just had lain by the person beside inertial hold in the arms entered a bosom in.

And Xu Yunfei carried water to enter a room, the person on the bed sleeps early ripe, press a root to did not wait for him.

The following day Su Su still rises as usual cook breakfast, xu Yunfei came out to help, when having a meal relatively, confused move climbs dream Li, see with respect to them, face about is gone to advocate the bedroom goes by.

Su Suyi is stupefied, xu Yunfei also is to put down a thing to follow the past together, two talents take an entrance, dream Li had pulled quilt of the eaves that consider silent, called him, "Gu Moyu, did not sleep, rise accompany me to play. Rise accompany me to play..

Xu Yunfei should go in pull her, gu Moyu had been made a noise to wake, opened an eye to had not understood this what situation, must look for Su Su everywhere, see she is covering in the doorway forehead is low head, "Su Su... "

Susu went immediately, xu Yunfei is trying hard to pull out dream Li, if Gu Moyu is wide-awake show errant meeting is hit.

"Do not have a thing, sleep again meeting. " Su Sushun hand pulls the quilt to him, bend over to fool him in bedside light tone.

Gu Moyu pulled her go to bed, "Su Su, did not go today, I am accompanied in the home. I am accompanied in the home..

"Occupied today, accompany you certainly next time. " Su Su fooled him to close a key point, came down from the bed again.

Su Su sighs to go out, see Xu Yunfei pulled dream Li to go bathroom. Dream Li washed a face to regain consciousness, tick off Xu Yunfei neck to say, "Gu Moyu does not accompany me to play at all, etc met him rise to with a bang can go out me again, husband you stay accompany me to play. Husband you stay accompany me to play..

Xu Yunfei is helpless, "Are you to learning Gu Moyu to act like a spoiled child? Does dialect learn a 8 cent resembling however how? Does dialect learn a 8 cent resembling however how??

Dream Li casts aside twitch one's mouth, "I learn 南京夜网419what to do maly... thought of! " she is saying to skip Zuo goes kitchen, took Xu Yunfei that eat leaves ate, paused to fall after that, look Su Su does this, taste with what her husband did yesterday and different.

Su Su has eaten clearing away, wanting, asked her with respect to Li audition a dream, "Su Su, can I follow you to go to a company playing? Can I follow you to go to a company playing??

Xu Yunfei just turns come out kitchen, hear this word to headache. Su Su saw him, nodded however, "OK, listen to Gu Moyu to say you are very fierce, want to learn to you very much originally. Want to learn to you very much originally..

Dream Li is very glad, put down a thing to prepare to answer a room to change clothes to rise with Su Suyi, still drop sentence, "Su Su you all the time so call you husband full name? "Su Su you all the time so call you husband full name??

Xu Yunfei also appetite of it doesn't matter, receiving a thing to say to Su Su sentence, "She shows adventitious wants to be troubled by what one moth, you are advertent. You are advertent..

Su Sujian laughed, "Irrespective, although she is looked at cool, strength still resembles a child really. " with Gu Moyu some moment are very similar.

Dream Li follows the first word of Su Sujin company, "Does he lose you this kind of place? "Does he lose you this kind of place??

"Here... pretty is good. " Su Su says some are constrainedly, probably it is not quite appropriate that she is taking dream Li, can let her visit silent house in home turn from side to side no-goer.

Next, "Are you Su Su's bodyguard? " dream Li sees Zhuang Mu, quick with respect to debunk him.

Su Suwei is small feel puzzled, "Zhuang Mu is my colleague, can drive now and then at ordinary times send me just. Can drive now and then at ordinary times send me just..

Dream Li nodded build, asked then sentence, "Su Su, do you say my husband can come over to talk about public affairs with you afternoon? Do you say my husband can come over to talk about public affairs with you afternoon??

Su Su is very interrogative still, "Did not make an appointment with before, nevertheless before him also not quite make an appointment with ahead of schedule. Nevertheless before him also not quite make an appointment with ahead of schedule..

After the office that took Su Su, dream Li is said to help the circumstance before she looked and forms for reporting statistics like her, after saying a few improvement places, she asked, "You lack cash, wait for me to come home in worked, discuss to look with the elder brother, move the money of charitable portion to you here how? Move the money of charitable portion to you here how??

"This... I can discuss to fall with Gu Moyu, you there also is not likely convenient... ? " Su Su is not to follow to go up very her rhythm, the proposal that does not raise before Guo Mengli she feels OK to adopt, after also planning, the operation must try.

Dream Li does not think her elder brother is met disapprobation, the money that makes charity now took strange place mostly, after she goes back, a little move is not an important matter affection partly, and this money says for went entering visit the home, major person can think is there is what business between she and Gu Moyu.

"Does otherwise call my husband to come over to discuss to look first? " too much mood and expression were not brought when dream Li says this word, su Su felt the chuckle to oneself that a plot is about to prevail from which however.

Su Supo is but, if not be,listening to the eaves that consider silent to say dream Li is a job mad, the proposal on the job that adds her to a moment ago gave is reasonable really and feasible, she is abo南京200——400的场子汇总ut to suspect she takes wrong person, "Temporary need not, wait when having need, say again. Wait when having need, say again..

"You are then busy, I sit meeting. " dream Li continues to see Su Su carefully work after this the content of that part, now and then see Su Su secretly, see her what doing, and it is what expression.

After Su Sujin enters working state, do not have too care about dream Li, she did not make a what sound, she forgot almost there still is an individual in the office.

However now and then the colleague that is made talk about a thing by Su Su can care about dream Li all the more, it is a great beauty after all, still be a cold beauty, su Su does not have special introduction again, sound Zhuang Mu seems to know her, but someone else is in group li of return that asked for ages to did not get half word.

Nevertheless dream Li has a thing to said to be opposite, xu Yunfei is done not have when afternoon, the company arrived before lunch, saying is to take them to have a meal, also called Zhuang Mu one case.

"Husband, I know you are not at ease my person is in here. " there was Xu Yunfei to say such word when dream Li goes out.

Xu Yunfei can forced smile.