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The 14th chapt南京夜网419er 15 (2)

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Paragraph, duan Ya's parents is silent, had had a little while, since after Duan Ya is honest, such, duan Ya is guilty, always observing 2 old expression, static await deal with an offender.

"Hey, calculated, your thing, oneself are done advocate, besides also is a hard job to you, have a meal, have a meal! Have a meal!!


Play paragraph of father oneself last one disease, state of mind if really different, much more open-minded.

Paragraph mom cannot help sighing with emotion: "Bai Man still is a good girl really! Duan Ya, may you identify fact office to get along? May you identify fact office to get along??

"This, we are not quite appropriate " Duan Ya thinks of Bai Man, that " you are big grey wolf " appearance, very without language.

"The man wants active place, had told you in one's childhood, as one man, if like to be about to strive for, admit accurate more cannot small talk abandons! " Duan Fu episode.

"Knew, be at ease " , duan Ya does not follow to go up their rhythm, answering amphibolously

Hereto about Bai Man's discussion, everybody was carried again.

The ability after the meal at 7 o'clock, the old person is disinclined to manage he, duan Ya stays quite boredly, taking car key to come out, the car is leaving to also want not to rise temporarily where to go to, came with respect to day north division.

Campus is a place that makes a person quiet really, recently is to was used to most probably, there can is a place to go when the person is dull can be a beautiful thing, he also is disinclined get to the bottom of why.

Present college is really good, open to the outside world, OK and optional pass in and out.

Duan Ya is strolling, look at the youth of these come and go, experiencing that dinkum student breath, recall the student period that has oneself slowly, junior and flighty, beautiful days, pattern time, appear water prediction of a person's luck in a given year, sighing with emotion, corners of the mouth also gradually accumulate give some of smile.

He not by envy Bai Man a bit, say, she is really lucky still, really easy also, give oneself again such a paragraph of days.

Going to going to come to a lively place, everybody of in and out do not know what to discussing, it is an activity it seems that, duan Ya also came interest.

Resembling is a coze, still have stage show, he looks everywhere, so how many male girl, schoolgirl all without exception is lovely, beautiful beautiful, sunshine of schoolboy all without exception, handsome, this is green!

Duan Ya looked for a position to sit, he is worn recreationally today, the humor is good also, add the appearance that still calculates young Jun Lang, do not appear abrupt, just admire like that outsider, after all is taking a place scanty from.

Nevertheless these are the enthusiastic drop that do not block classmates, a little while, all round much a few people, you one character I one language, good do not lead a gender!

Slowly everybody begins to harangue, duan Ya also was unlocked today, speak with fervor and assurance with those students, he that broad and profound knowledge, biting opinion, capacious horizon, was convinced really many numerous students, have so much woman student more, have in the eye lighten starlet.

About him who be, the student of where, the discussion of much old age is faint undertaking, small Li also noticed, overflow 4 people to know in vain now so: There is a student of tasteful Ti Tang over there!

When Bai Man sees Qing Benzun, that despises if dash along Jiang He's water ah: 南京夜网419This fellow is working, prepare coax schoolgirl? !

Shake very quickly nevertheless shake one's head went away, if oneself can come, can he also come of course? Still fasten agitate the family's interest.

But must admire his broad and profound knowledge however, can't help blaming oneself secretly in the heart: How mix 30 this years, much dress thing also wants to just go in him head, having is to go 10 thousand lis of roads, read 10 thousand books, more than division says well: The body and heart always have to want to be on the road! Cannot disappoint this is auspicious time!

Actually this child likes self-criticism very much, she is pretty good still, be being compared with Duan Ya of course is poor, certain respect is concerned with experience, disposition.

Bai Man is silent go to other place, not " disturb " those 3 abandon friend purely, compare here with duty field very pure really.

Differ meeting she met a few fellow students again, what everybody chats is pretty good, among them somebody loves shuttlecock especially, still have a love of outdoors motion, invite her to climb on the weekend, wild hill, friend of a few asses climbs together, the edge plays an edge to go, bai Manxin agreed like that.

Do not have together with them so much guard against, unlike Duan Ya, the anything that concerns with him lets Bai Man make a whisper, had nothing to do with with him now of course, he should be clear about its explanation... .

Had sauntered the Wang Dian of circuit came, this fellow is overflowing side side in vain vixenish, to attendant schoolgirl all sorts of make frivolous remarks about sb, bai Man feels comical, cannot help reminding him: She also is a schoolgirl.

King report show the whites of eyes: "Know, so I a moment ago said you also must be drawn lessons from, you see you, this behavior insufficient birdie depends on a person, this dresses up, insufficient style is charming, see this hair, well ~ half an year did not see you had changed hair style, you also catch build to send, those who do a what that pull a skin, the schoolgirl wants changeful, just have mysterious feeling in that way, ability attracts a man student... "

" , , bear your your opinion! I want to look now, that girl can enter your law small hole, the small cummer that you did not come to will be how birdie depends on a person, how vogue is mysterious " Bai Man cannot help show the whites of eyes, "Pardonable your boy still does not have a girlfriend now! "Pardonable your boy still does not have a girlfriend now!!

"You the look down upon that this is bare fruit fruit! Don't have a girlfriend to you can blame me? Family... the family is very lovely drop " Wang Dian pretends to be grievance, fast funny finger.

"Go! "Go!!

"Be overcome, be overcome "

"With a 南京建邺区会所推荐ha breath out... " all round the person teased.

Duan Ya comes to an end eventually, look all round enthusiastic students, can't help laughing not only, dark line: Oneself are here ostentation what, they can be the youths with group of experience not dark worlds, have break honest and kind ah.

Ask to those he is which department, contacting means is the schoolgirl of how many, duan Ya small move is awkward, a little pressing evadable left.

Turned circuit, he already to one's heart's content, preparation hits a your home, accidental however shoot a glance at arrived an acquaintance, want to was full of interest to turn to go.

Right now Bai Man is hiding to make fun of the Wang Dian of treasure, the pattern that this fellow sees the person loves to show he is an individual is beautiful male, dialogue overflows all sorts of making up to, make her straight breathe out be overcome.

"Wang Dian's classmate, I realize deeply a moment ago harmed you, I am earnest now apologize to you, ' I am sorry! ' , request, ask you to return to normal " Bai Man beg for pardon

Wang Dianshuai is swung angrily throw a hair, "Hum " , this ability give u

The word says Wang Dian also is individual gas prince, in the character that an ability subclass can be in the department, the person grows sunshine, handsomely again, condition of the economy in the home returns marvellous marvellous Da, but one is hit greatly,have the woman student of good impression to him.

Someone says he likes Bai Man, can overflow in vain knowing is not, smaller than oneself big boy of a few years old, it is lively only just, it is eyewash purely, did not go in past heart at all, in the Wang Dian in her heart although cannot say,be a small wind child, but it is a big boy that is bestowed favor on to overdo by family absolutely, see him how possibly when male friend, more what is more,the rather that oneself never had wanted to be able to南京400以内大活场子 look for to compare his the age is small (although this viewpoint is done not have tardy because of her,marry oneself go out, often be criticized now! ) .

But Bai Manting likes and he gets along, also trust he, he is a good child, two people get along relaxed, mutual help also does not have a burden, won't think more more.

When Bai Man notices Duan Ya, he still has paragraph of space, the eyes that provides ponder quite then makes her some are not had language, duan Ya points to outside pointing to the door, bai Man also did not refuse, she a moment ago was thought up

The fresh air outside, let two people drive is not little.

Duan Ya jokingly her: "You are here pretty good ah, fool children all round go by way of "

"You this is the abdomen that the heart with Lilliputian spends gentleman! You just are to come of limelight, girls see your eye fine put light! Very enjoy? , have those who feel pretty good? " she strikes back

"Ah, ashamed, one fashionable rises and everybody Kan Kan big hill, reviewed next student timeses again inaccessibly " , "Are you early see me? "Are you early see me??

" me 3 abandon friend to be attracted, the connection way that also perhaps wants you now, be inferior to giving them for you? Be inferior to giving them for you??

"If you dare give, I am no problem, you had wanted how to should answer our acquaintance only. " the appearance of Duan Ya secure in the knowledge that one has strong backing gives amusing Bai Man

After yesterday, bai Man seems to not be hostile to he, of two people get along to also become relaxed rise.

Bai Man asks: "You should accompany parents in the home today, you... be evicted to come? You... be evicted to come??

Duan Ya laugh, the humor is really good today, "That is unapt, say pa Mom to still calculate calm, since me after pa a serious illness passes, state of mind is much more open-minded, outside resembling a world a bit tall person, not very understands my issue, it is two people do not love to respond me only, I see myself a bit unpleasant, the day when eating a meal is early still, come out to turn, do not know how to run here came, also calculate did not come in vain, campus makes a person easily quiet, make the person is loosened, it is a dinkum place. It is a dinkum place..

"Ah, this thing went at long last " Bai Man also loosened tone, she wants to say really: Salangane, long mug-up! But they are done not have so ripe.

"They are quite regretful nevertheless, very pretty good to your impression, still ask have a possibility... continue to interact? " what belt of Duan Ya corners of the mouth laughs is inclined look askance she.

"You still are cheered, what do not hit me again is main! Also do not let your pa Mom so worried about. " really, return actually jokingly she.

"My pretty is curious, you are so calm, the age, hum, also the eldest child is not small, consult, are you how to handle parents at ordinary times of this side issue? " , he looks at her modestly intentionally

"You are not honest and kind! Say exclusive secret recipe again, excuse me is passed nothing more than " , which crock does not open the bottle that where to carry, oneself this respect is quite troublesome also

"You still are to cherish sth of little value only because it is own really! "You still are to cherish sth of little value only because it is own really!!

Bai Man laughs, do not mix again fully definitely his deficient, "I should go in, don't you prepare to come home? Don't you prepare to come home??


"Hum, preparation was answered, those who wish you play is happy " , bai Man disregarded him in the word mischievous

In the assembly room, classmates still young, they but need not worry to will be scolded by the boss tomorrow, bai Man cares about Xing Lanshan now, and abandon friend people the accost that make reputation went, wang Dian still calls later look for her, saying is to should sing, she already answered a dormitory also did not go.