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The sunshine that 南京桑拿第一体验网eleventh chapter flourishing thinks of

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To Duan Ya, cold summer vacation has been a distant dream.

He also is used to such life already, tired loosen, what the job and life coordinate is pretty good, body and mind is more healthy, this photograph contrast is easier for this single to public figure, and this single issue, he really not quite go up heart, or he is not good at...

Write down just from coming back over there Bai Man, his mood calculates really not superior, after all by the person unjustifiable treat, kindly by misinterpret, it is to let a person stress a mad issue, the mood always cannot calm thoroughly, still have on one hand, because he has encountered this kind of situation hardly,be, too unaccustomed!

Just also with respect to two days, after two days with respect to it doesn't matter, thing stroke garment goes, piece the leaf does not touch a body.

Do not go wasting one of good conventions that meaningless energy also is Duan Ya, this ability is him normal.

Arrive what is more,the rather that the end of the year, life rhythm is original fast, the job that wants processing now is more, energy must be used on edge, this Bai Man is guessed was opposite, he just does not work so moonshine, that is wasteful energy and time.

It is Duan Ya often sees flourishing only always, have a headache with respect to some.

Duan Ya knows she is right of course o南京200——400的场子汇总neself feeling, early know, come two this years actually he is alluding her all the time, rejecting her, if she is met early,always feel mature abandon, who knows, procrastinated unexpectedly now, he is very helpless also, he is not good at handling these issues.

This the thing is carried to understand, bai Man is this problem places the first one or two to him before, this lets him want to be not faced up to cannot find reason, he is clear also go down so again, cause harm to Wangsaihui.

He kneads between the eyebrows, "It is to must look for her to talk! " , the issue that processing flourishing considers is carried program

The Duan Ya after a few days thinks of flourishing made an appointment with come out, in the dusk of a Zhou Wu, in urban neon lamp, an everybody very relaxation time.

Think of to flourishing will tell, this is very abrupt, spell able also lose his head temporarily like her, she dare not believe, that is afraid of the dining room that already took in this grace in, that is afraid that the person on is Duan Ya, that heart heart reads aloud the person that read aloud...

This should be in originally the picture in the illusion, came true unexpectedly, if be in the dream, let her feel truthless, together of thoughts or recollections flashing across one's mind, be swayed by considerations of gain and loss.

Flourishing is thought of had dressed up meticulously apparently, today more appear free from vulgarity, pure and fresh and elegant,江宁大学城足疗攻略 sit over tender but person.

Duan Ya also admits, the other side not common, just, even if she again how outstanding, be only in his eye left arm sword arm, it is a serious person, it is oneself person, he respects her, go up somehow even can protect her, but the relation because of sexual distinction, two people connect a good friend even cannot be.

To emotional respect he won't subdue himself, do not know how to should be subdued even, can accept her how again, utterly routed, this is helpless thing.

He more admit to not be good at handling emotional issue, also won't allow a so outstanding woman otherwise, two years of time are wasted on him body.

And he wants not to understand really, why does so intelligent girl do so stupid thing...

He cannot bear really heart, so now without giving thought to from already the method is best, he should move.

Look at inaccessibly some of constraint flourishing is thought of, he enters a topic actively, "Really beautiful today, should say you all the time very pretty good, very beautiful... how, is here satisfactory still? Is here satisfactory still??

Flourishing thinks of eye to blink, "Very marvellous, have one's style of work as well as one's moral quality very much, those who accord with you savour " , double buccal fly a red.

This lets her right now show namby-pamby, duan Ya not only the heart thinks, that boy still has eye really, hope he can be held in the arms so that beauty returns

Although Duan Ya is not good at male and female affection, but he is good at observation, he knows someone's state of mind, also do not know to had abused this person stealthily how many times, disrelish him sneaking!

"Want what to nod, not polite " , duan Ya pushs bill of fare to her

Flourishing is thought of do not have really polite, can nod very much, but of the dot not much, they eat originally not much.


Two people are chatting at will, all over the country, the way of the world, what can chat is very much, atmosphere is harmonious, eventually repast already entered end.

"Flourishing is thought of, did we get along a lot of years? When be being written down so that I still make a sale, worked together together " Duan Ya restarted topic

"Be, from realise there are 45 years now " , she shows look back, also do not know how to fasten a heart to his body.

Duan Ya laugh, "I remember father ever assist crosses you, say you ' although be a woman, but women does not allow a man, have an outlook ' , I also think you are capable, have daring and resolution, " , xiang Wangsai is lifted cup, "The person still grows beautifully, very lucky work together with you "

In the key point that flourishing considers, if stars twinkles, also lift cup, "Thank, overpraise " , she today's is a lot of more missish.

Duan Ya continues, "What as leader and friend I know I am done is not quite good. The person that I hope to work together with me, not only the career is successful, the life also Dou Shunsui, be in possible limits also is to use up me can.

Can have some of time, it is best that I do not know how to make gift, for instance problem of a few feeling, once I think time can perfect solve...

You are a clever girl, with fair with illicit I hope you can be happy... " , he stops look at a little spellbound flourishing to think of

Flourishing is thought of binocular expression disappears, extensive removed a layer thin thin water mist, but exercised restraint, the cheek is a little cadaverous, the hand 南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路is holding goblet subliminally, she is silent, good a little while, adjusted mood of conditions or feelings of the lower levels and dialect it seems that, she starts to talk lightly, "You are to say, you know all the time... "

Duan Ya sighs gently, "Feel sorry, but because do not know how to be done,affect to you the smallest, procrastinated so today, truth says this is inequitable to you, you ought have a good feeling, i... " , he does not know how to say more appropriate

Flourishing is thought of lower his head to appear to admiring the red wine in the cup, look at them gently the dimple since overflow, circuit circuit... , at that time flourishing is thought of have some of indifferent to fame or gain even, good a little while, "What kind of girl do you like? " she starts to talk gently, be like be afraid that faze arrives what.

"Do not know, it is clear to was encountered "

"You a moment ago had said... I am very outstanding, be true? Be true??

"True, you are very outstanding, very beautiful also, be worth to have a good love very much "

The expression that flourishing considers floats eventually piece some agonized, "Are these insufficient? "Are these insufficient??

"Enough, just the person is wrong just... " he some cannot bear at the heart, however cannot again messy

"... " two people temporarily silent

"I once very proud, supercilious, in the heart that very few somebody can enter me;

I once very self-confident also, avowed and clever, believe oneself match those who want to remove me absolutely;

I learn ceaselessly, progress ceaselessly, make oneself better, conceivable also better, do not feel tired, also do not feel to suffer from, think such life is very wonderful...

Until encounter a pe南京spa哪里好玩rson, do not know... it is how to let him walk into a heart in, in the begining I am defied, because he is smaller than me;

I am enduring when later, because I cannot resist this affection, know this may be a cup of hard liquor again;

Again I wander in disappointment and hope later, because I had been thrown, his one static easily, the one happy event that affecting me one Bei;

My pride becomes flimsy, my self-confidence becomes ambiguous, my life became much cadaverous " .

Flourishing thinks of silent narrate to resemble is to saying a story, "Carry a torch... really open the flower in darkness, hoping sunshine is asp, tilt, do not go again however "

Duan Yajing listens staticly, had not wanted to interrupt, let her drain come out, also be injury of a kind of cure; He is ashamed, ashamed the anguish at bringing others, ashamed won't handle this kind of issue at oneself.

"This end, flower should leave in sunshine, you will be happy, I wish you are happy heartily " , what Duan Ya says is very earnest, very genuine.

Flourishing is thought of say a moment ago word, in the heart a lot of more relaxed, the chrysalis that wrapping it seems that was smoked a silk, sunshine is already faint appeared come in, look at some right now pure Duan Ya, she laughed, at least this likes to was not profaned, she read the sort of his sincerity, very pure sincerity.

"Be, I should search previously oneself, thank you " , although she knows this needs the rest and reorganization of period of time, but she knows she can walk into sunshine in, can defeat chrysalis and go out.

Duan Ya also laughed, send the smile from the heart

"Nevertheless, I hope you can encounter a woman earlier, one can make you deep experience ' affection why content ' woman " flourishing is thought of sly to laugh, "Came loose, we two should go "

Duan Ya forced smile: Heart of the most poisonous woman

When two people part company, duan Ya is like what to remember, think of to flourishing suddenly say: "Wang Qi! It is I should carry the person to sell chief inspector, the outlook is long-range " , say to still blink to her.

Flourishing is thought of be stupefied, good a little while, just remember who Wang Qi is, that selling manager, one often is before her the dull fellow of shake from side to side.

Look at Duan Ya's setting, her forced smile, do not pass the change because of state of mind, think of that Wang Qi appears to also be done not have again so not pleasing to the eye.

Duan Ya is relaxed, was like wind to remove a big stone, he what lie on the bed still is considering today's issue,

"Hope king Qi and flourishing are thought of can go together, flourishing thinks of chilly, wang Qi is enthusiastic, two people one cold one heat also match " , he is believed so that cross Wang Qi's bearing and ability, two people are furtive in more resemble a friend, so also the blessing of from the bottom of one's heart.

He natural thinks of Bai Man, although she is very indescribable, but the meritorious service that also has her, she carries if not understand this problem, force oneself to face, the likelihood procrastinates even go down, "This girl passes very comfortably for certain in the home! "This girl passes very comfortably for certain in the home!!

Be thought like him really, bai Man eats dinner at this moment, taking a walk in the alley in country with family, joyous sound laughs language is ceaseless.