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Thirtieth the prairie of 2 chap南京场子全部关闭2020ters dusk

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The prairie of the dusk, same very beautiful, beautiful dark

Return abode, someone else is early raise his head and look in order to longed for, more or less does Bai Man have bit of awkwardness, not bad so old age does not grow in vain, return natural and graceful, duan Ya is easy as usual.

Persimmon cannot help going to the side of Duan Ya, "How? " , he laughs, "Still need hard "

Persimmon and wool monkey knowingly, strode at long last one stride, also loosened tone.

What monkey of the wool after passing does not have good energy of life is white he is one, "As expected as expected, really sneaking! " , persimmon nods, right now heroic place sees two people be the same as slightly.

Duan Ya is not had language, does he have so disappointing?

Man of two red bean is busy run beside mom, "Aunt! " " beautiful aunt! " " beautiful aunt!!

Bai Man greets the past, hold two plump little hands, they are too lovely

Wool monkey is incited, "Do not call an aunt, call aunty! Call aunty!!

Two bub admire a head soft soft line, "Aunty! " " aunty! " , a few people all round laugh

Bai Man hides an awkwardness, did not manage he, holding talk of little fat hand, "Incorrect, darling people obedient, call an aunt! Call an aunt!!

Bub fine long hair corrects oneself forthwith " aunt! " , "Aunt! "Aunt!!

Wool monkey supercilious look, these two ursine children, grown affirmation is a tasteful ghost, see a beauty now, do not listen to dad.

The everybody between banquet says josh laugh, eating not to provide gust characteristic cate, very to one's heart's content, was conquered by this llano.

Still went up unexpectedly later the portion is ice-cream, the be present woman that bring and child exclamation one blast, wool monkey and persimmon feel puzzled, they choose course, dish of as usual characteristic, the style is very much, also took care of everybody's taste, but is there this?

Treat the everybody that be present, duan Ya is only quiet, "You nod? "You nod??

He nods

Two people suddenly be enlightened, the person that this talks about love is different, two people are right inspected, "Quite sweet! Quite disgusting! Quite disgusting!!

Duan Ya just pays no attention to them, the fabaceous Mom on the side are envied, "Alas, bai Man, still did not marry, see not, knot get married resembles me two appearance, still remembers you liking what to eat! Still remembers you liking what to eat!!

"Be, I see you can not promise someone easily "

At this moment not only hollow laugh of wool monkey, persimmon, duan Ya face is a bit green also, how to meet such? "I and they are different "

Wool monkey, persimmon is distained, "With two small whelp! "With two small whelp!!

Bai Man complexion is small red, pretend to was not heard, just maintain a smile, think of that two people take ice-cream case together, in the heart another comical, lower his head to begin to admit to take care of two small greedy cats really, at the same time, two people are lively very, eat this a little while to want that a little while, still must be next to Bai Man, duan Ya cannot be contended for with them again.

Red bean man likes her really very much, pestering her to say ceaseless, at this moment she is true still some rejoice beside have two so pure bub, otherwise she gets much awkwardness, more feel they are lovely.

After the meal, everybody each each room of know南京建邺区会所推荐 how to behave in a delicate situation, but two bub are to say whats want to follow Bai Man, bai Man is pulling the agreeing with their frank hand, someone else readily take the opportunity t南京会所外卖工作室价格o no matter, duan Ya is only helpless, he moves toward two impish, "Go seeking mother bad? "Go seeking mother bad??

"Play with the aunt! "Play with the aunt!!

"Know you and we grab an aunt! Do not go! Do not go!!

"Do not go! "Do not go!!

Two clever bub, twist facial shrivelled mouth, one pair does not want to cheat my appearance, duan Ya feels nose, who lets him have two not pure caustic friend, did not know what to hear to dot.

Bai Man is done without avoid word by this Tong Yan messy, someone else bursts out laughing, fabaceous Mom are kind-hearted, come over to get them, but, get do not go.

Wool monkey admires son spank, "Good boy, be clever! Be clever!!

Persimmon also touchs the son's head, "Child can teach, child can teach! Child can teach!!

Two boy are playing Bai Man's hand, "The aunt goes, we see today but interesting thing... "

She is wanting to cast off awkwardness, taking them to reply a house hastily, listen to their present a treasure, amuse them to play, the likelihood is to play by day tired, two children were asleep very quickly, look at them to sleep sweetly clinking, fancy-free little face, bai Man cannot help want to go stamp

"Again stamp woke, I can be not blamed to lose them when arriving went out " Duan Ya does not know when to come in

Bai Man is a bit shy, "Why to knock? "Why to knock??

Duan Ya is carried raise eyebrow, "I go calling wool monkey them "

"Not, let them sleep here " , she is prevented subliminally

Duan Ya laughed " be no good, in case be troubled by in the evening rise to be bothered, do you like the child so? Do you like the child so??

"Either, I am to be afraid of make a noise them wake " Bai Man explains, cannot she always say they are loosened quite in her?

Happen to, wool monkey and persimmon also came over, two people of joyful adopt the child, to Duan Ya make eyes, face track of the quiet when going out, "Did not waste this beautiful scene in a good day " , he closes the door impolitely.

With respect to remnant the room of two people, atmosphere is a bit odd.

Duan Ya already washed rinse to pass, changed the recreational outfit with light and comfortable body, deserve to go up the figure that he still calculates a standard then, not the appearance of common, be smart however, this world is firm and gentle!

Bai Man laughs liberally to him, also go washing gargle, cool and refreshing water makes her a lot of more com南京喝茶的地方你懂fortable.

She present also is a suit relaxed, covered a flaxen skirt, comfortable, optional, although the facial feature that does not use powdery black does not say clear water lotus, also appearing a Q南京200——400的场子汇总ing Chun, the long diverge that had done an in part is on the shoulder, quite part is lovely.

The sitting room is capacious, sweet, duan Ya prepared fruit juice to her, bai Man laugh laughs had received, he very natural take blower, preparation blows a hair to her!

"I can suffer do not rise " Bai Man sees situation sheer

"You are sheered try " Duan Ya is minatory, of Dan Wei coerce very quiet, this lets Bai Man be stupefied is did not hide again.

Duan Ya grabs softly her beautiful hair, let Bai Man want much awkwardness to have much awkwardness, did not have the mood to talk.

"OK, blow much, bad to the hair " overflow dryasdust in vain say

"Hum, this is good " , duan Ya looks at her long hair to had stroked neck complaisantly, cheek, make him enchanted, he did not think he has this kind of feeling to a woman before.

He just stopped, bai Man " brush " stood, "Go out, the prairie of night, also want to admire appreciation "

"Good "

Two people go on soft meadow, look at the sky especially bright starlight, as if scene of place oneself dream, bai Man has deep love for nature originally, a little greedy now enjoyment is worn.

The prairie of night is a lot of cooler than by day, duan Ya looks at the Bai Man that installs starlight in eye fine, "Go, what you wear is too thin " , some bestow favor on be addicted to

"Be in stay a little while, good beauty " right now prairie appears insular, beautiful peacefully

"Still have tomorrow evening, and later we often can come... you caught a cold, I can feel distressed "

Duan Ya fools childlike mood, pulled Bai Man that peacefully, clear and bright mood was done not have, heart by him roily.

She intentionally " good deficient "

Duan Ya laugh, "Fear to reply a house with me? "Fear to reply a house with me??

Bai Man was frightened jump, why is he always so straight white? !

"Why to want to be afraid of? What do you want to work? " overflow fight back in vain, "You have a try! "You have a try!!

Duan Ya is approached, the starlight in her eye brights, with reflect of star Yao photograph, so of Ling laugh Ling provoking him, double eye distance is closer and closer, bai Man laugh is breathed out breathe out sheer, "If you did the thing that ought not to do, you are Duan Ya! You are Duan Ya!!

"Be at ease, I have sense of property, and I am of course! " Duan Ya chuckle, stretch one's hand, fine long hair the person pulls defenseless in the bosom, kiss gently on her lip, lively Bai Man becomes quiet and clinking in a moment, did not think of the meeting is such really, his have the impertinence to do sth! Duan Ya looks at her quiet smile to magnify gradually, she... should not provoke!

The like a situation full of danger Bai Man in the heart pushs him, good half talent anger, "Must not again mess things up! " , take the lead in going away

Duan Ya follows come over, bai Man is in wait for him, do not have method, room card is in his hand, duan Ya laughs, open door gent like please she is advanced.

Bai Ma南京桑拿第一体验网n is disregarded, reply a house directly, when close, was blocked by Duan Ya! "Ah! " , this psyched out her really, the swift current of double eye glare is round, "Do you want to work? "Do you want to work??

Of Duan Ya leisurely say, "Offended you to get angry, apologize to you, otherwise, able what? Able what??

"You! Good evening! " overflow a door of be ashamed into anger to shut in vain

Duan Ya is low laugh

The following day, bai Man woke early, so good place, sleep lie-in too regrettablly

Clear away did not see Duan Ya, gently be walked out of

Look at this auspicious scenery, she cannot help outstretched both hands and blue sky white cloud still have this boundless and indistinct grass is original greatly hug

Wait for her face about, see Duan Ya is holding double arm in the arms to laugh at chant chant to look at her however!

Flood have sth in mind of small narrow one's eyes in vain, he, if go from inside the sun,come, there still is sunshine on the body, bai Man must admit him right now, make her very enchanted.

"Sleep well? " Duan Ya looks at a little absentminded Bai Man, the tip of the brow is taking the canthus in smile to be nodded bad

Overflow complexion in vain slightly one red, "Hum, do you rise very long? Do you rise very long??

"Half hours, they return wool monkey not to know when to can wake "

At this moment the prairie seems to still sleeping, silent, two people slowly go, gently chat, seem to be afraid of make a noise it wake.

"Beautiful aunt! "Aunt! " the sound that the grandma that suckle sound enrages is transmitted, two bub are striding small short leg to run happily, accompanying their laugh, spread everywhere to whole prairie, the prairie was waked up by them...

See the Bai Man of natural and graceful, wool monkey and persimmon are bad laugh, cannot help jokingly, "Really glad today... " , the eyes that is browbeaten by Duan Ya nevertheless checked.

Two people are angry to be being inspected, begin to discuss the journey, two cars can be together today.

This Bai Man stayed to bilking the bub that does not go, wool monkey and persimmon do not have strong canal, readily take the opportunity to is comfortable, duan Ya criterion by oversight.

Without doubt, everybody is very happy, the friend is in side, beautiful scenery is advanced, sweetheart photograph is accompanied, life geometry.

One pedestrian is in the prairie banish 4 days, decide to make a capital eventually.

In 4 days, duan Ya and Bai Man get along more and more harmonious, he is abiding by her regulation completely, give her time and space, stop where it should stop.